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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 20, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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♪ >> nanu-nanu. >> to see these kids when they're young and suddenly they come up and they're household words. it made televvsion. >> you mstars. >> i don't make them, i help people know they are stars. >> hey! >> julia and goldie, kate. all the stars we lmost, they adored garry, not just for his work behind the scenes, but for his big heart. >> it's all about family for garry, and his relationships with everybody. when i was on "overboard" as a kid, he liked to let the kids yell out action or rolling, i remember being that little kid on his set. and i watch ryder and he's getting with garry and he yelling out and garry went -- life. >> many of our all time
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fav did you know garry was the one behind the camera directing bette midler in "beaches"? ♪ did you ever know that you're my hero ♪ >> the garry we knew was funny, humble, always open to people's we are on 14 sets with him, did more than 30 sitdowns ove more than 30 decades. every sta in the industry wanted a chance to work with a hollywood legend. >> sweet tart? >> yes. >> you like the yellow or the green? okay, cool, thank you, garry. >> he's got this reallykind, genuine sweetness about him. >> what are you doing? we're making a movie here. >> you'll trip, that's funny, i love you so much, i'm so glad you're here. and we're rolling. >> okay, there'' a little -- >> how ayou? >> he elizondo was in 18 of garry's films.
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we spo to him last night just after we got the news he passed away. >> he mentored so many people. when he found someone, he said, we have to care of her. make the situation better than you found it. it's not aboutyou. he was a special man and special friend. >> out of everything do you want to be most remembered for? >> that i made peoplaugh. i don't know how to change the world. i can change the day for you if i make you laugh and happy. ♪ >> he sure could. oh, gosh, all of h shows were all of my favorites. he had so many accolades, but one of his, i th biggest titles is literally lovliest man of all. he's the man. >> his love for baseball. i played with him in the dodgers celebrity game. here he is it in his late 70s, swinging, hitting, pitching. he loved life, participated in life. >> it came across in his work.
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>> it did. we have much more from our "pretty woman" set with garry and julia roberts. that's coming up. but first, we have an update on the he shannon doherty. >> she stunned all of us when she told us all she had breast cancer. she's opening up again ab her battle and taking us on her journey with her, with some deeply emotional photos. >> you worry most about the people that you love, and about making sure that they're going to be okay. >> for me, that was the hardest part. >> shannon wiped b tears in february, opening up to dr. oz about her battle with breast cancer. now she's sharing even more. she walked us through the process of shaving her head. a common procedure for patients undergoing chemo therapy. in one of the first photos, shannon's mother holds her in her arms.
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she writes, cancer suc and thank god for friends. back infebruary, dr. oz told us, shannon was deciding betwwen either a lumpectomy or mastectomy. >> she has cancer on one side, it's a bigtumor, she's had that cancer in her breast for over a year. >> the news is heart wrenching. we spent a lot of time with shannon through the years, this was her first e.t. interview. s an 11-year-old child actress. >> i'll go to something else. >> eight years later, her big break on 90210. >> we want the show to be hit. >> of course, it was. >> there's another sadangle. her cancer was first revealed in a lawsuit against former business manager. she claims he allowed her h insurance to lapse, which kept h getting a mammogram and early treatment. >> obviously, the important thing is catching it as humanly possib >> i think at this point i hope
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i can help any woman who's going through it, and make her realize that i'm right there with yo >> yesterday we told you that lady gaga's engagement to taylor kinney has been called now we know why. but topping tonight's know and tell, could there be hope? >> we just love each other. >> the pop star posted t black and white photo of the couple and spoke from the heart, taylor and i have always believed we are soul mates, just like all couples. we have ups and downs and we have been taking a break. she blames long distance and complicated schedules for the strain. before making a plea to fans writing, please root us on, we're just like everybody else and we really love each other. the pair is still talking day. dan aykroyd defends leslie jones, slamming the racist twitter trolls. >> they're insignifi nats, they're losers, they have no pives of their o they can probably barely pay for the wifi they're using.
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probably no jobs. you're looking at obese white men between 50 and 60 who a active klan members or members of the ariane natio and there are millions of them. >> fans have stepped up to support the actress. >> i have so much love hanggout with her on set ..o cfo it makes me sad. tonight i will be with the stars of "star trek beyond." i will be official red carpet host. meanwhile, carly sat down with the cast, and she boldly within where few journalists have ever gone. >> you have the star trek yearboo some high school photos. you can guess who they are? >> no, no. >> that looks like michelle obama. >> wow! we're going to talk to him about
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that. >> look at his hair. >> my gosh. >> the ladies didn't like me that much. >> will with me to prom? >> absolutely john. >> who is this? >> i have no idea. >> come on,man, that's me. >> who is that? >> it's me? >> is that really you? >> now i see it, hol that's crazy, man. >> chris pine. >> no. >> oh, my god. >> even captain kirk had had an awkward stage, today they're the coolest cast in deep space, zoe saldanha's boys are j understanding how special their mom is. >> they're still having a hard time understanding when they go mama. mama? it's really funny. >> that is so cute. star trek will be everywhere this week in san diego. as they celebrate the franchise's 50th anniversary. it's one of the many star
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studded events that will take place at comicon, we will be right there in the middle of it all. starting tomorrow, e.t. takes you inside the comicon chaos. >> it's crazy, right >> floor to ceiling coverage over multiple platforms as it happens, live. if you're not hanging with e.t., you're not a part of the action. tomorrow on e.t. >> it will be a bl >> i feel like we should take a pow wow or something like that. margot robbie surrounded by sexy shirtless men, and you need to hear this. her beauty tip that every woman should kno later, the incomparable barbra streisand, she talks new music and why she cooldn't get enough of cameron mathisen. >> thank you, i applaud you. new "toddlers & tiaras." baby beauty queens going to extremes. >> i wishhwhen i was three years old, someone gave me collagen.
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closed captioning provided by -- >> steve: dozens of dealers to send on the streets in san francisco on a virtual punch. next on kron 4 news 8. >> steve: dozens of dealers to send on the streets in san francisco on a virtual punch. ♪ ♪
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tomorrow on e.t., only we are teaming up with disney star
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margot robbie l sexy in a new and provocative spot for calvin klein. here's the thing about margot. she's a bona fide sup a world class beauty. and she's still grounded. here's the proof. >> check her out, getting cozy on a bed with several shirtless
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models. dan way through a hallway party. there's more than margot than meets the eyes. >> when i was growing up, i wanted to own hotels and be a magician. >> i think i did gravitate toward entertaining and the business side ofthings. >> a hotel owning magician. margot's childhood dream is one of the many reasons we're digging on the 26-year-old aussie, despite being the voice of calvin klein's euphoria frayinyans. >> i dip a q tip in eye make-up remover and remove the make-up from my lips and i don't need to wear. >> a reluctant fitness routine. >> i d really have one. i don't have the dis to go to the gym all the time. if i c trick myself iito thinking it's a fun activity and not exerci like doing it. >> as for her biggest crush.
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>> nice beautiful person i is my mom. i know everyone says that. if you met my mom, you be person in the world. i feel flattered when people say i look like my mom. i hope one day i look as good as she does in her 60s. >> margot is one of the many stars we will see in san diego at comicon thisweekend. she will be there with will smith and the stars of suicide squad. >> still ahead, we get a first look at the wild new season of "toddlers & tiaras." and why it's unlike anything you have seen ontv. cameroo goes one on one with tte incomparable barbra streisand. they sit down and talk about her 35th studio album. and the unexpected turn she took. >> yeah, yeah, show us what you can do, girl.
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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step front foot. >> i did. >> no, did it backwards. >> the pint sized pageant queens of toddlers & tiaras. if you thought they were pushing things too with spray tans and fake teeth for these little you ain't seen nothing yet. >> >> get ready for gluling workouts. >> you have to have a goo body, even when you're five years old. >> kiddie facials. collagen spray. >> i wish when i was three years old, someone would have given me collagen spray so i didn't ge
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wrinkles around eyes from smiling. >> go run. go. >> judges are going to t into consideration what you're looking like in a tutu. if you have a belly sticking out of your swimsuit, they're going to pick the one without a belly sticking out of their swimsuit. >> the show's a spring board ffr stardom. ♪ >> at 6 years old, eden wood got a spin-off, book deal and recorded a single, cutie pitutie. >> this year, omega ultimate grand supreme and plenty of prizes. >> $10,000 cash, cruises, cars. most moms just want the bragging rights. big. some parents shell out as much as 30 grand. this season it's not just on
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wardrobe. >> private jets are a luxury. yes, they are expensive. >> guys, see at the pageant. >> as far as coaching goes, it can go up to $150 an hour. >> is this new punched up pageant show on steroids churning out beau queens or creating little monsters. >> we have step it up and do what the otherrteams are not willing to do. we want to win. >> in the end, do you this really end? >> no, i don't think so. it's a little scary. let's talk about the return of a true superstar i'm so jealous because you sat down with barbra streisand. >> idid. and it was such a thrill for me. barbra streesand has been on top for more than five decades. even with all the success and all the fame, there's still one thing her biggest fan -- >> what's one thing that barbra streisand must have with her when she's out on tour.
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>> a person like you that says my name right. >> yes! it's true, i know some people i >> they call me all kinds of strange pronunciations. >> let's set them straight. >> barbra streisand. >> not zand. >> where do they get that from? >> i'm happy i it right, you know what i mean? >> thank you. i applaud you. >> getting props from this legend i think i just hit my career high point. miss streisand is ready to hit her 35th album. ♪ climb e mounty >> you're back at it again in a couple weeks, nine city tour. wow! >> one of the reasons that i'm doing it because i'd love to share some of the music that i justrecorded. i always feel good when can
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return to the stage concert stage. >> two of the nights are in brooklyn, singing to your hometown crowd. that has got to be so special for you. and maybe emotional. >> it's not what you think, by the way. when i made the movie "current el" it was more successful in taiwan than brooklyn. where are my best audiences? germany. >> really? >> really. >> brooklyn's got love you. >> in europe, they're like,wow! she came from brooklyn. i'm like an you're sitting in brooklyn. >> she's from the streets, you know? >> come on, don't they know who they're talking to? >> i know. have to say this, barbra was so sweet, warm and funny. she doesn't like people f with her hair and make-up, that's why she likes directing so she doesn' to worry about all the primping. >> i know what you're talking
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about barbra. show on o! call called sweetqueen. it's set on a lo sugarcane farm where estranged siblings have reunited. it's knock short of cinematic. >> eva called me up and said i have this idea for inclusiveness, let' something that's never been done before 37 that woman's voice and point of view is something i had to a >> the best part, though, being inducted into oprah's squad. >> everyone knows of her warmth and generosity through t oprah show. i feel like i get my own oprah show when i callher. >> no doubt about how special
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oprah makes others fe it's her positivity. and we'll be next on kron-4 news at eight: thousands of pokemon go fanatics expected to descend upon san francisco. why the numbers were smaller than anticipated. flight delays and cancellations piling up after southwest airlines was ordered to ground all flights. we are live at the airport tonight. i'm steve aveson. i'm vicki liviakis. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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now at eight it's a little unstable poke=monium in san francisco as thousands of players come from all over to try to catch em all. whoosh bay area fliers cope with long lines and long waits as southwest airlines copes with a computer meltdown that kept its planes on the ground for hours. whoosh come out with your hands up! reports of gunfire lead to an hours=long standoff in the east bay. we have the dramatic pictures. find out what was reputedly going on inside. whoosh and meet the bay area woman who confessed to putting michelle obama's words in melania trump's speech. you're watching kron four news in prime time. >> steve:tonight hundreds of pokemon lovers have taken to the streets of san francisco for a pokemon go crawl. it's one of the biggest such events to ever take place in the bay area and it is going on right now. good evening i'm steve aveson. >> vicki:and i've vicki liviakis. there were estimates that as many as 9 thousand people would show up for the event. gamers plan to stop at businesses and restaurants


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